What is the
Alliance Program?

This is AcadArena's student org support system and nationwide network of schools that gives students resources and guidance to build their campus esports program. We’ve helped set-up esports orgs all over the Philippines.

The Alliance Difference

Unlock your potential with us! Our Alliance student org network enjoys all of these perks and more. We help student-gamers grow into student leaders and esports athletes.

Event Guidance & Support

Have a tournament or event that needs help?

We’ve supported more than 30 monthly Etrams (e-intrams) for Alliance members.
Host up to 3 per month!

Priority Project Support

Have an independent project? Have a collab?

We’ve supported 10+uni-wide events with Globe Telecom!
Get guidance as you go

Connect & Train Students

Gather and strengthen your forces.

Tap into our 300+ campus network and 20+ online training modules.
Be awarded for growth

Exclusive & Premium Access

Battle other Alliance members in the University Alliance Cup.

Get highlights, MVPs, grants and more!
No qualifiers required

Be an Esports Merit Scholar

Apply for competitive, leadership and family scholarships from our partners at Globe Telecom.
Tuition & grants available

Application Procedures

We've helped all kinds of orgs get into esports! From independent orgs to fully accredited ones, we're here for you. Just follow these steps, and let us know how we can help.

No Org?

No problem! We've helped build orgs before. Start one with us!
Download Form

Already Have an Org?

We have a lot of different orgs from tech to hobby that join us!
Download Form

Not sure you're ready?

When do we ever feel ready? Talk with us and our student leaders to know more about org building the Alliance-way.
Attend Our Seminar

Follow the instructions in the first page of the forms and send them to us at ariane@acadarena.com. Deadline for wave 2 is on January 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM UTC+8!

Then, we'll set an interview and get you on the way to be accredited!

Have A Question?

The Alliance Program is in beta, so we're constantly looking for ways to improve it and add new members to the mix.

If you have any questions, email our student programs coordinator Ariane at ariane@acadarena.com!

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