#DewDay NBA Tournament Buff

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Clingy tayo

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Campus focused

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Broadcast Bonus

Extra loot!

Come on and slam! It’s your #DewDay on the court with this NBA 2K tournament buff!

Buff Requirements

  1. Welcome to the jam. Org tournament, campus intramurals, foundation day na may esports competition - this buff is open to any NBA 2K tournaments with student participants!
  2. Offline Venue. All games must be done onsite - whether it’s your campus computer lab, your favorite computer shop, or your school cafeteria. Hindi kami kami picky.
  3. Be Legendary. Specifically for ML:BB tournaments that you want to power up with Mountain Dew.
  4. Make some noise. May Facebook page ba yung org or event mo? Are you able to post event updates and promotional material? In that case, get ready to hype up the event in partnership with Mountain Dew through posts and campaigns we’ll share.
  5. Plan Ahead. Bawal crammer. Submit your application form at least 3 weeks before the event.
  6. Broadcast Bonus. Additional support can be unlocked if the finals stage of your event broadcasted! Okay lang din naman kung hindi.


You may only have one buff per game title in your event.

This buff gives

10 MLBB Dew Shirts and 2 MLBB Dew Jackets
5 Dew Tumblers
5 Cases of Mountain Dew
Broadcast Bonus: 3 Dew Shirts, 3 Dew Tumblers