#UniPin Tournament Buff

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Campus focused

UniPin is here to fuel your competitive fire (and your in-game credits)! Get the #UniPin buff now!

Buff Requirements

  1. UniPin Accounts. All tournament registrants must have a UniPin account.
  2. Event Type. Org tournament, campus intramurals, foundation day na may esports competition - this buff is open to any esports or gaming tournament with student participants!
  3. Basta tournament, pwede. This buff is good for one game with at least 8+ teams (for 5vs5 games) or 40 players (for solo games). Larger tournaments will receive a large buff!
  4. Player Eligibility. Participants must be limited to students or the youth. Teacher and parent tournaments are also welcome!
  5. May pa-raffle. Get your org or event socials ready! UniPin is here to bling out your competition with a special community raffle for all registered participants.
  6. Pencils Down. The application form must be completed and submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.


You may only have one buff per game title in your event.

This buff gives

This buff gives

4,500 UC

Larger tournaments will receive more UniPin credits for prizes!