And be part of our growing company of gamers!
AcadArena is building campus gaming across the Philippines and Southeast Asia. We believe that games and the rich ecosystem surrounding them are the future of youth engagement and development. After all, over 60% of Gen Z and Gen A identify as gamers. Ever since our beginnings in 2019, we've engaged thousands of students across 300+ schools — and that number only continues to grow each day.

We build tech-enabled products catering to all kinds of student lifestyles across our pillars of community, career and competition. Regardless if you're dreaming of becoming a pro, aspiring to work in the industry, exploring content creation or just wanting to connect with fellow students  — AcadArena has something for everyone.

We're backed and mentored by some of the most forward-thinking minds in the regional start-up space. In July 2021, we raised our pre-seed round led by the Iterative accelerator — alongside Hustle Fund, the founders of PayMongo, and executives from Lazada, GoodWork, and FlowerStore.
We're a passionate bunch of designers, coders, writers, educators, marketers, and (of course) gamers all united by our mission to take campus gaming to the next level.

Our co-founders Ariane Lim (ex-Garena Collegiate Lead) and Justin Banusing (veteran events director) started AcadArena in 2019 as a community non-profit to support student gaming clubs. Since then, we've grown a lot and added amazing teammates that share our values like Kevin Hoang (ex-Twitch Scholastic Program Manager), Joe Josue (ex-Discovery Resorts) and Dani Rogacion (Overdrive Studios Founder).

We actively maintain a sizeable student workforce. This is because we believe that problems are best worked on alongside stakeholders themselves.