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AcadArena realizes the potential of campus gaming to be a driving force for the student body and we’re here to help institutionalize the programs we’ve developed. We can assist you in the sustainable development of every aspect of your campus esports and gaming ecosystem.

Student Development Partnership

We want to be part of your system and help every student have a rich, educational, and vibrant student life. Let’s forge official partnerships for extra-curricular enrichment initiatives and we’ll help institutionalize your campus esports program.

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Student Workshops and Seminars

Club Incubation

Program Development

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And now introducing the Gaming and Esports Labs

Whether you want a student lounge, an events hub, a multi-use laboratory, a training facility, or a mix of it all - we are here to build your esports innovation center. Everything from design, sourcing of materials, buildout, outfitting, networking, software, all the way to events programming in the space - we make your vision of innovation a reality.

AcadArena will help you create an esports club within your school

Leverage AcadArena's unique network of student leaders, industry professionals, and corporate partners to create the best experience for your students.

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