National Campus Open is the biggest open-entry collegiate esports circuit in the Philippines! Featuring over PHP 350,000 in prizes across 3 games and 3 regions, get ready to own the islands with your schoolmates and get yourself closer towards becoming an esports scholar.
300+ Universities | 3 Regions |
Exclusive for students | 300K in cash
March 7 - April 10
April 23 - May 1
May 28 - June 26
How can I register in NCO?
You can register just by clicking the registration  button above! 
Registration Deadline:  March 4, 2021.
Am I eligible to join?
You are eligible to join if
  • You are at least SHS and 16 years of age at the time of registration.
  • You can provide a proof of enrollment that shows that you're currently enrolled in a school.
  • You have a team that has at least five (5) members.
What is the tournament format?
The National Campus Open LoL will be divided into three regions: Luzon, Metro, Visayas & Mindanao. Teams will compete exclusively against other teams from their respective region.

Know more about NCO by clicking here.
Are both NCO qualifiers open to all schools?
Yes. But please do take note that
  • NCO Alliance Qualifiers is only open to Alliance Organizations School.
  • NCO Open Qualifiers is open to all schools.
Can my team join both NCO Alliance Qualifier and NCO Open Qualifier at the same time?
Yes. Since both qualifiers will be held on a different date, teams may join both qualifiers provided that they can meet the requirements and eligibility for that qualifier. 

How many teams can we send for NCO Alliance Qualifier and NCO Open Qualifier?
Schools may send a maximum of two (2) teams for NCO Alliance Qualifier and no limits for NCO Open Qualifier.
What happens when we both qualify for the NCO Alliance Qualifier and NCO Open Qualifier? 
Teams who qualified in the previous qualifier will be removed from future qualifiers. 
How can I know if my team is confirmed to join?
We'll be sending confirmation emails to teams on March 1 with the full details like Check-in time, Discord link, Rules, Brackets and Schedule. 
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