Competition for all player skill levels. Battle with the best at our varsity league, The University Alliance Cup, or join multi-title weekly brackets at AcadArena Aces. We have unparalleled experience in handling local and international competitions for Campus Gaming
University Alliance Cup
Compete against the best students across Southeast Asia. To join, your campus must be registered in the Alliance program. There are two divisions, a Promotion and Relegations format in between them to ensure competitiveness.

Alliance orgs have an assured slot just by being a member, allowing them to focus on growing their skill and brand.

National Campus Open
The NCO is the biggest open-entry campus esports league in the Philippines! Any number of student teams from the same campus may join. Compete in League of Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Past winners have been selected to compete on the international stage at International E-culture Festival in Korea and PVP Esports Regional Campus Champions in Singapore.

Alliance orgs have special qualifiers as an extra chance to get a slot.
Aces is the weekly intercollegiate tournament open to any student team from the same campus. Rotating titles include Teamfight Tactics, Tekken 7, League of Legends PC, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty: Mobile, Valorant, Wild Rift etc.

Looking for a short and sweet tournament? Be an ace for the weekend.
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Etrams (e-intramurals) are monthly tournaments open to students of a specific campus only. It's usually hosted by an Alliance member for their campus community. We've hosted almost 100 Etrams across the country every 3 months.

Casual player looking to just meet fellow gamers in your campus? Join here!