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A Brand New Aces experience this August! Easier registrations, BIGGER Prizes.

August 20, 2021
Theo Ignacio

Ready for another month of competitive Collegiate events? Then check out what's coming your way for Aces this August! Clue: MORE PRIZES!

All Campus Teams and Players are invited!

Just like the previous Aces events, all Aces tournaments for August will be exclusive to Campus Teams and Players, including College and Senior-High School students. For Team-based tournaments, it is required that all players must come from the same campus or school, and as usual, registration for any Aces tournament this month is completely FREE.

Goodbye registration links. There’s a new way to register!

  1. Go to the AcadArena tournaments website
  2. Scroll down to “Minor Leagues”
  3. Click “Find Aces Tournaments”
  4. Click the tournament that you want to join and register.

Tournaments & Additional Prizing

We’re giving MORE prizes this month. Apart from the usual in-game goodies, we’re adding PHP 3000 cash to the prize pool of each tournament this month.

Aces : Campus Open Call of Duty Mobile  (8/27)

1st place: PHP 1,000 Cash + 1000 CODM points (5x)

2nd place: PHP 1,000 Cash + 600 CODM points (5x)

3rd/4th place: PHP 500 Cash + 200 CODM points (5x)

Aces : Campus Open Valorant (8/28)

1st place: PHP 1,500 Cash + 1650 Valorant Points (5x)

2nd place: PHP 1,000 Cash + 790 Valorant Points (5x)

3rd place: PHP 500 Cash + 380 Valorant Points (5x)

Aces : Campus Open League of Legends (8/29)

1st place: PHP 1,000 Cash + 5000 Riot Points (5x)

2nd place: PHP 1,000 Cash + 3000 Riot Points (5x)

3rd/4th place: PHP 500 Cash + 2000 Riot Points (5x)

5th-8th: 1000 Riot Points (5x)

Got any questions? Contact us on the AcadArena Facebook page for clarifications.

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