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AcadArena Aces July Tournaments Live

AcadArena Compete

Our amateur tournaments are officially live for subscriptions and registrations. Make sure to follow these steps for a smooth experience.

1. Subscribe in our AcadArena Mogul hub here.

Click "Start Playing" in our Mogul hub and choose your subscription tier there.

There are both Free and Premium (100 PHP for 30-days) options available. If you're joining as a team, all members must be subscribed.

2. Register in your tournament of choice.

Until we can have forms live in Mogul, we have to use Google forms. All tournaments are password protected. You have to register so that we can email you the password. You can register for all tournaments as early as now but password priority will vary depending on your subscription level.

Free tournaments

*Wait listing will be activated on Mogul. On the tournament day, if there are late teams in the 32 slots, the wait listed teams will automatically take their slot. If there are no late teams (which hardly happens) wait listed teams may not participate.

Premium tournaments

*All Premium tournaments will require one (1) Premium ticket to access in Mogul.gg. Premium subscribers will get two (2) Premium tickets per month. Free tournaments don't require tickets.

3. Get the password.

We will email valid registrants the password to the tournaments they've registered in.

Premium subscribers has password priority. Free subscribers will only get the password on the Wednesday of the tournament week.

If you're a free subscriber, you can only get the password the Wednesday of the tournament. (e.g. If the tournament is on July 4/5, you get the password on July 1.) All free tournaments has limited slots so hopefully Premium subscribers left some room.
If you're a premium subscriber, you can get the password almost instantly. Don't have to wait for the tournament week. Two (2) lucky premium subscribers also get to win 50,000 Razer Silvers at the end of the month! Enough for a Razer headset or mouse!

4. Train for game day and don't be late!

We will not give special consideration for late teams or players even if you're a Premium subscriber. Premium tickets are also non-refundable so commit once you've spent it in our Mogul hub. Plan your July schedule carefully!

Check out the value you'll get with us this month.

Still confused? Contact us in the AcadArena Facebook page for questions.

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