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AcadArena Aces Unlocks Premium with Mogul


AcadArena first partnered with Mogul.gg for our tournaments in 2019. 

We loved their vision in community engagement through a tournament platform that’s both innovative and equitable to both organizers and participants. We’re excited on how we can use tournaments to bring people together further.

We’re bringing in more amateur tournaments starting July as we unlock a Premium monthly subscription worth 100 PHP (2 USD.)

We’re basically just adding more Aces tournaments for a Premium sub tier while giving more priority, swag and freebies value to your 100 PHP.

There are tournaments every weekend for July! 

Remember that a Premium subscriber has priority access to Free tournaments which is useful if there’s a team cap and you’ll have two (2) Premium tickets to enter our Premium titles. (That’s less than 50 PHP per tournament!)

This is open to all! We'll be adding more game titles in the next few months as well so stay tuned for updates!

Save the Date: June 28!

Official launch day will be on June 28, Sunday. Premium Subscriptions and registrations for all tournaments will be open by then. Subs lasts for 30-days and will need a Mogul.gg account. 

You can pay online through credit or debit card or through Gcash, BDO Online, BPI Online, Grab Pay, Paypal etc.

Check out our Mogul hub here in the next few days as we update it with our new look and July tournaments.

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