Predator AcadArena Alliance League Summer 2020 League of Legends - The Notable and the Meme-able

The Predator Alliance League Summer 2020 League of Legends groupstage was a showcase of collegiate prowess of all forms from the teams and players fielded by our AcadArena Alliance member teams. 

As we wait for the playoffs let’s revisit some of the interesting and “interesting” stuff and stats that our teams and players managed to achieve during the groupstage battles.

The Notable

  • U means Undefeated - University of the Philippines-Diliman’s Oblation Esports and University of Sto. Tomas’ Teletigers Esports Club are the only undefeated teams in the Summer 2020 Split groupstage, winning all 4 of their games respectively.
  • Champion Diversity - A total of 75 out of 150 (50%) Champions were picked during the groupstage
  • Welcome to the House of Ice - Frejlord residents Ashe and Volibear have the most presence during the groupstage, appearing in 83% of all the games, both being Picked and being Banned.
  • Kings of First Blood - Despite ending the groupstage with a 2-2 record Holy Angel University’s Valiant Esports made sure to claim 100% of the First Blood kills in all of their games. Every. Single. One.
  • #Maokai4Life - Oblation Esports’ Kreindel played Maokai in all but 1 of his groupstage games. Seriously, who does that?
  • Shaymie Buffs - Shaymie The Hedgehog has a 75% prediction rate for the groupstage games with the record only being tarnished by non-believers
  • Gold is mine - HAU Kinzonn holds the record in highest average GPM with 471.83
  • Dragon Hunters - Far Eastern University IT’s iTamaraws has the most average dragon takedowns during the groupstage with 3.75, or at least 3 dragons during their games.
  • Wrecking Ball - UPD Oblation Esports hates turrets, on average they took down 9.75 turrets, that’s like all outer and inhibitor turrets on every single game.
  • Lovers in Victory - Xayah and Rakan share the achievement for Champions with the Highest Win Rate, with both champions winning 80% of all their games.
  • Feared or Despised? - Volibear and Galio are the most banned champions during the groupstage with both of them being banned 11 times.

The Meme-able

  • More vision, less conversion - LG Esports’ Kellog is notable for having the highest vision score during the groupstage, however, his team wasn’t able to fully capitalize on it as they also lost the most Barons.
  • Buff Malphite? - Malphite won 0% of the games that he was picked in. Stone man needs some love, Rito pls.
  • Gotta go fast! - Mapua University Mages finished their games early, having the shortest average game length in the groupstage at 24:41
  • Need to take it slow - Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Warlocks on the other hand sure took their time in wrapping up the games having the longest average game length of 35:42 during the groupstage.
  • 1 Hit Wonders - Swain, Jayce, Nunu, Cassipeia and Kennen maintained a 100% Win Rate all throughout the groupstage, their secret? They were all only picked once, and then never again, not even a ban!

The road to the Finals begin! Tune in this Sept 12 and 13, 2020 and witness our Top 4 teams, UPD Oblation Esports, FEU iTamaraws, HAU Valiant Esports and UST Teletigers battle for the grand finals slot only at


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