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AcadArena and Rumble Royale to Co-Develop Educational Classes for Students and Aspiring Streamers

October 23, 2020
Simon Juleovenz Garnace

AcadArena and Rumble Royale to Co-Develop Educational Classes for Students and Aspiring Streamers

AcadArena, the Philippines’ leading campus esports initiative, is partnering with Rumble Royale to educate and develop Filipino students and aspiring streamers in esports.

Throughout the rest of the year, AcadArena will be collaborating with Rumble Royale to create curriculums both for students and aspiring streamers. The collaboration is a part of Rumble Royale’s development program where they hone up-and-coming talent within the esports industry.

The educational content will be made accessible to students and aspiring streamers through livestreams to be done through AcadArena and Rumble Royale’s channels. The curriculum will hope to include topics in esports regarding content creation, broadcast production and talent management.

For students and streamers who excel within the program, they will be given the opportunity to be signed by Rumble Royale to become full-time talents. The partnered development program aims to recruit motivated and talented individuals to become the next generation of esports talents.

“Rumble Royale has always been dedicated to developing the talents and industry leaders of tomorrow, and many of these are students,” said Emile Tanglao, Head of Business Development for Rumble Royale. “We’re excited to work with AcadArena to enhance their curriculum and provide opportunities for students in their system so we can foster the future of the local industry.”

The educational content to be used for the program will be co-developed by AcadArena. The partnership between AcadArena and Rumble Royale hopes to elevate the esports industry within the country and foster growth within the community.


Founded in 2019, AcadArena is a national initiative built by the pioneers of campus esports in the Philippines operating in the space since 2016 -- many of whom have worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry. Esteemed students who have participated in AcadArena programs have since graduated and joined the team full-time to make their story the story of more Filipino students. 

Learn more about AcadArena and what it can do for your school by visiting acadarena.com/alliance


RUMBLE ROYALE is a gaming community and creative collective formed from the love of playing video games with friends. What started as a community with the goal of creating content about video games has evolved and grown into a massive organization and community with hundreds of talents and thousands of community members. 

RUMBLE ROYALE is now one of the biggest gaming communities in the Philippines, and regularly organizes events, manages talents, and creates content that anyone who loves gaming can enjoy. RUMBLE ROYALE is about being a community that enjoys having fun together and creating a positive social impact through gaming. We continuously aim to be a good influence in the overall gaming community, with a battlecry that urges our community to REIGN SUPREME!

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