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AcadArena Awards Celebrates More Student Gamers

January 26, 2022
Kenneth Alog

AcadArena, your home for Campus Gamers in the Philippines & Southeast Asia, will be hosting the annual AcadArena Awards to commemorate its 3rd year anniversary this February 26, 2022. 

The AcadArena Awards doubles as a celebration of student talent from the AcadArena student org membership program, the Alliance, and a featurette on AcadArena’s 2022 plans.

The Old & The New

Overall, we’ve improved our annual celebration by diversifying awards, bringing in more people from the industry while making sure it’s largely kept for students and by students in the AcadArena Alliance.

The Alliance is our student org support system where we accredit student orgs to build their campus gaming and esports program. Learn more about the Alliance by visiting our web page at https://www.acadarena.com/alliance.

We’ve expanded the awards list this year. Eighteen (18) awards will honor content creators, graphic artists, esports & gaming journalists, athletes, student leaders and more. 

Four (4) of these awards will be by closed selection by AcadArena. The rest will be open to the community.

Nomination period will last from January 26 - February 4, 2022. From the nomination pool, the AcadArena committee will select three finalists per award to advance.

Voting period lasts from February 7 - February 19, 2022. On top of votes, an esteemed panel from the industry will be judging the finalist based on a set criteria. The weighted score and the final tally of votes will determine the awardee.

All nominations and votes will be through the AcadArena Awards landing page. Students would have to create an account before they can participate. Students may only nominate once per award.

The full list of awards for 2022 are as follows. A total of PHP 150,000 will be awarded to the awardees.

Individual Category. We want to give recognition to the students that made a difference in their community and developed their soft and hard skills along the way.

Organization Category. We want to award organizations who have been consistent in their quality of work and have proven that campus esports is always a collective effort.

Event Category. We want to highlight the experiences made for and by students in their campus communities in whatever form or cause it may be.

Creative Category. We want to showcase the creativeness of our partner student organizations in support of us or for the events we supported.

*Titles with an asterisk will be deliberated on by the AcadArena Awards panel based on the record and/or applications submitted of the eligible Alliance members.

AcadArena will also be announcing its latest scholarship awardees during the awards ceremony. Over PHP 450,000 worth of scholarships will be awarded to 24 students as well on that day.

The AcadArena Scholarship Aid & Powerups Program provides access to over 2 million PHP worth of scholarships from big brands and content creators to empower model students. Learn more about the AcadArena Scholarship program at https://www.acadarena.com/scholarships.

#BreakThrough in the AcadArena Awards

We started AcadArena because we believed in the potential of the campus and gaming space so what better way to celebrate it than by showcasing their diverse talent.

Students can be really critical of themselves. We want to remind students that they can do great things and at the same time appreciate what their success is now. For students they may think that graduating from school is the end game, but it is just the beginning to a bigger journey. 

They may not realize the huge effect they have in their campus community. That what they have created and performed are milestones definitely worth sharing while facing the hardships head-on. Through this, we can show the entire world that playing video games as a student is #NotJustPlay.

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