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#AllForOne Match of the Week: HAU Hopes MGS Prepped

Alliance League

Holy Angels University’s Valiant Esports Club has one of the most supportive fans in the league but the opening day wasn’t a victory streak. 

"It was disappointing that we did not manage to fight UST. Even knowing that they are the strongest team in our group.” Jan “Kinzonn” Alvarez, President and Captain of Valiant Esports, comments adding that  they gauged that match at a 50-50 win.

Images you can hear. RedStattik's Inner Fire play to take the series win.

Their Hearthstone representative, HAU Chesman, was also one win short in advancing. University of San Agustin’s RedStattik pulled off an overwhelming 20 damage Inner Fire stack to finish his opponent off. Chesman led the series but RedStattik finished it 2-1.

HAU hopes to get on the scoreboard this week 2 for both Hearthstone and League of Legends. 

Sian “Zells” dela Cruz will be playing University of the Philippines-Diliman’s Oblation Esports rep, Reinhardt “KingFuhrer” Ray. Zells made waves in similar genres having achieved rank 1 in Teamfight Tactics in the Philippines and winning several tournaments for Legends of Runeterra. 

The two are bringing the same three classes heading into their series. It will just be a battle of wits with the luck of their draw for the Warrior, Hunter, and Demon Hunter trio. 

For League of Legends, only the top two of each group will advance to the playoffs. AcadArena casters sees Teletigers and Virdis Arcus as heavy favorites for group B where Valiant plays. 

“We just need to win all of the upcoming matches. Let's just hope that MGS have preparations set for us, if not it would be an easy game for us." Kinzonn adds.

Putting thoughts of being underdogs aside, the Mapua Gaming Society’s Mages have nothing to lose and everything to prove heading into the matchup. The Mages got a clean win against University of San Carlos’ Warriors so we can’t discount them from the fight. 

Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM exclusively at the AcadArenaPH Twitch channel. Thousands of viewer prizes will be up for grabs courtesy of Globe Prepaid's Virtual Hangouts.

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