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Alliance League Org Spotlight: Malayan Warlocks

AcadArena Compete

The flag bearers of Laguna’s collegiate esports scene are ready to take everyone by storm when the AcadArena Alliance League rolls along later this month.

For years, the closest Malayan students got to having an esports collective was the Malayan Warlocks, their varsity League of Legends team. With the goal of being the catalyst for changing people’s perspective on esports, the Malayan Esports Club (MESC) was founded in 2017.

Aside from competing in collegiate tournaments like the LoL Varsity League, iTam GameCon, and PCCL, MESC has engaged their community by hosting events such as the Malayan Esports League, the Rift Masters, and even a community engagement event in the form of Paskong Malayan: Project Mahika an Esports Project for a Cause.

“It’s a mutual support, the school supports MESC by providing us with transportation to competitions, excuse letters if there is an important meeting or match, even facility support such as photography rooms and meeting rooms,” says MESC President and Malayan Warlocks Team Captain John Carlo Macapas.

“In turn, MESC promotes responsible gaming and camaraderie. We’re also very hands on when it comes to helping out with fundraising projects for the benefit of MCL partner communities,” he adds.

Macapas also attributes MESC and AcadArena’s shared goal of promoting responsible gaming and raising the level of collegiate esports in the country as their reason for joining the Alliance. 

“The Alliance gives opportunities to its affiliated members to explore all corners of the esports industry,” he says. “My experience with AcadArena so far is very fruitful as it gives the next generation of collegiate esports enthusiasts a chance to learn and to prove themselves.”

Malayan Esports Club also dreams of getting their own facilities and even having esports scholarships in the future. With AcadArena and the Alliance, they’ve taken an important step in the right direction.


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. Want to do the same thing for your school? You can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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