Alliance League Org Spotlight: Mapua Gaming Society

Ten campuses. One goal. Read more about the stories of the ten (10) pioneer organizations under the Alliance program joining the inaugural, inter-campus Alliance League.

Contrary to most esports clubs that have their roots in competitive play, the Mapua Gaming Society (MGS) began when a group of gamers, streamers, and content creators formed their own organization. 

MGS got recognized by the school administration just last year, and they’ve only been active for a year and a half. In that short span of time they’ve organized in-campus tournaments for games such as Tekken and Mobile Legends.

Mapua Gaming Society (MGS) holding their Tekken 7 event last September 2019.

All this was made possible by the incredibly active and organized officers they have at their disposal. For an organization this young to have such a passionate workforce, the future looks bright for Mapua’s esports culture.

“We want to grow our community and expand our reach,” says MGS External Vice President Ray Daniel Giron on their reason for joining the AcadArena Alliance. 

They also have their eyes set on making a name for themselves in the competitive scene. With the AcadArena Alliance League just around the corner, they finally have the chance to do just that.

“It has been a dream of ours to have a school team compete in a collegiate setting,” Giron adds. “The Alliance League is going to be our first tournament and we really want to show good results.” 


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in Viewer prizes will be up for grabs.

Interested students or organizations willing to do the same can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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