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Alliance League Org Spotlight: Teletigers

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Teletigers Esports Club is one of the most successful campus esports teams in the Philippines,  having been able to win back-to-back championships and represent the country in multiple international campus tournaments. 

For an organization that has achieved this much success, they still find administration support hard to come by because they aren’t considered an official school club.

ILOILO-Conquest 2019: The Teletigers pose with their championship check together with Twitch Student officials, Mark Candella (second from the left), and Kevin Hoang (second from the right) and AcadArena Director, Ariane Lim, (third from the right.)

Teletigers was founded by a group of Thomasian students  back in 2015 as a League of Legends team and has since engaged the Thomasian community in other titles. They were crowned national champions for League of Legends in Esports Acadarena Summer 2019, and represented the Philippines in the International Esports Festival held in Korea and China in the last two years.

“UST is not so open to creating an esports organization, citing that it has no benefits on students,” says Teletigers head Theo “Uomi” Ignacio. A professional League of Legends caster and analyst, Ignacio captained the Teletigers team that won the LoL Varsity League in 2018.

“However, publications inside the university think otherwise,” he adds. “With AcadArena Alliance's support, we're aiming to change their minds.” 

Even before joining AcadArena, the Teletigers have had successful community events not only with Thomasians but also with students from other universities in España. Through campus esports, they’ve networked and bonded with communities from Far Eastern University and University of the East. 

Having seen AcadArena’s initiatives in helping campus esports grow, the Teletigers didn’t hesitate signing up for the Alliance when the opportunity presented itself.

“AcadArena is historically proven to be a competitive, understanding, and reliable source of campus esports—both in support and competition,” says Ignacio. “The experience so far has been very informative and organized.”

Since joining the Alliance, the Teletigers have begun organizing more monthly tournaments and tryouts for their community online.

According to him, the Teletigers are pretty confident heading into the Alliance League. With University of the East and St. Robert’s International Academy out of the picture, they’re looking at a smooth sailing journey to the championship just like in 2017-2019.

Looking forward, the Teletigers have their eyes set on getting acknowledged by UST as a university-wide esports organization. 

“We also want to produce players and staff that are capable to work and play in the esports industry if they wish to do so outside their major,” Ignacio adds.


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 from 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. Students and organizations can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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