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Alliance League Org Spotlight: Uni. of San Agustin's Golden Eagle Esports

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Down south, Golden Eagle Esports of the University of San Agustin is steadily nurturing the Ilonggo esports community that’s teeming with potential.

Founded in 2018, the organization’s primary focus was on esports education. With the help of their student government, the Golden Eagles got to partner up with AcadArena to bring industry professionals to the university to host a seminar on game development, talent management and the professional esports scene.

Since then, they’ve been investing in university-wide tournaments with the help of the Office of Student Affairs. 

They regularly host two major esports events in an academic year, Etrams in August and the month-long Unitas Esports League that runs from February to March. 

“We have a relatively close relationship with the school despite some bumps in the past,” says Golden Eagle Esports President Earon Philip Villamora. “The school’s Office of Student Affairs has helped us out multiple times with our esports programs.”

The organization’s desire to take campus esports in Iloilo to the next level made joining the AcadArena Alliance an easy decision.

“We decided to join AcadArena simply because it's the country's leading campus esports program,” says Villamora. “Not only do we get to experience national tournaments, we also learn a lot from industry professionals.”

USA Golden Eagles hype up their invitational match against FEU-IT iTamaraws in 2020 April.

The Golden Eagles are laser-focused on making their dreams of excelling in the competitive scene and changing people’s negative perception of esports a reality. 

“As the only contender coming from Western Visayas, we have a lot of pressure on our backs,” says Villamora. “But despite this being our first national tournament, I'm pretty sure the boys can take on these other universities with their heads held high.”


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. For students and organizations who wish to do the same, you can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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