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Alliance League Org Spotlight: Uni. of the Philippines-Diliman Oblation Esports

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Oblation Esports first participated in the Garena League of Legends Collegiate League in 2015. Since then, they’ve also joined tournaments such as the Garena LoL Varsity League and the International Esports Festival. In 2019, Oblation Esports was acquired by University of the Philippines Gaming Guild (UPGG) as its official esports arm.

KOREA, IEF 2016-Oblation Esports poses on the stage in the international campus esports meet. From left to right: David "Neep" Viray, Freyel "Blizzard" Vera Cruz, Angelico "Iconiq" Natividad, Vincent "Veere" Rivera and (bottom) Micael "Ferzerk" Alberto made up one of the most successful campus esports rosters to represent the Philippines in League of Legends.

Since 2014, Oblation Esports have helped organize Kasciyahan, the College of Science's sportsfests' tournaments for League of Legends and Dota 2.

Most recently, UPGG was one of the organizers for Dilgames 2020, a sports fest involving every single college in the university. They were in charge of all esports titles—League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Tekken, and Smash. Unfortunately, Dilgames could not push through due to COVID-19.

In the competitive collegiate setting, Oblation Esports have participated in League of Legends collegiate leagues like LCL 2015-2016 and LVL in 2017. They won the championships for two splits in LCL, and have competed in the International Esports Festival held overseas for three years.

With the hopes of bolstering their community initiatives and finding more avenues to prove themselves in, Oblation Esports joined the AcadArena Alliance.

“With Alliance, we can develop not only our players, but also the skills of our newly recruited support staff. The emphasis of Alliance on building a foundation of esports in universities so that the orgs can keep running even after its original members graduate is very important to us, as that was one of the problems our org faced in the past,” says Oblation Esports head and League of Legends streamer Serena Parlade.

“Our experience with AcadArena includes not only Alliance, but also the Aces League of Legends tournaments,” she adds. “Thanks to Aces and Rivalries, the players have a better idea of how to improve and as an org, we feel that the future when it comes to our competitive rosters is secure. We see this split of Alliance as a sort of "comeback" for Oblation Esports.”


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. Students can apply to be part of the Alliance program here.

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