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Alliance League Org Spotlight: University of San Carlos Warrior's Arena

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The University of San Carlos Warrior’s Arena is an organization with a commendable balance in competitive play and community development. With the AcadArena Alliance League just right around the corner, they’re ready to reach new heights.

Founded by members of the school’s Dynamic Communication Society, Warrior’s Arena was officially recognized as a student organization by their Office of Student Affairs last year.

With a constant stream of administration support, the organization has gone on to organize a number of in-campus tournaments and even got to collaborate with the Cebu City government to host a city-wide esports tournament.

For all the success Warrior’s Arena has achieved, the university ironically still hasn’t considered esports a legitimate sporting competition despite all the developments in the national esports scene. 

In fact, three players from the Philippine Dota 2 squad that won gold in the SEA Games 2019, Mc Nicholson ‘𝗠𝗮𝗰’ Villanueva, Jun ‘𝗕𝗼𝗸’ Kanehara, and Bryle Jacob ‘𝗖𝗠𝗟’ Alvizo, were former Carolinians.

Warrior’s Arena is determined to promote esports as an avenue for promoting a healthy balance between student life and recreation. 

“As a pioneer in pursuit of developing the Cebuano collegiate esports scene, we decided to join the Alliance,” WA External Vice President Daryll Kent Galindo says. 

“Working with AcadArena has provided us with much insight into the current collegiate esports scene as well as a look into other esports-centered student organizations,” he adds.

Through AcadArena, Warrior’s Arena is dead set on achieving their ultimate goal.

“We want to remove the stigma surrounding gaming and establish the notion that esports is at par with all other sports that are recognized not only by the University's administration but as well as the Filipino society,” Galindo says.


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. For student organizations wishing to grow their campus esports scene, you can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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