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Alliance League Org Spotlight: Valiant Esports

AcadArena Compete

Pampanga’s campus finest from the Holy Angel University, makes a comeback with a newly established organization: Valiant Esports. 

Valiant Esports was formed after the school team’s impressive run in Esports AcadArena 2019 Spring, with the purpose of scouting more talented players on campus. Over the course of a few months, they participated in more AcadArena events and succeeded in expanding their gaming community. 

EASTWOOD, QUEZON CITY-Esports Center: Valiant squad commuted all the way from Pampanga just to participate in the Drafting and Scrim Drills Workshop of AcadArena in partnership with Liyab Esports held February 2020.

The club was officially recognized by the school administration in June. They’re formally the ministry for esports of  the  League of Students for Excellence, a university-wide organization.

“A lot of professors still find it hard to support us because they see gaming as a reason for students’ bad grades and tardiness,” says Jan “Kinzonn” Alvarez. A former professional League of Legends player, Alvarez is one of the many Pampangueños who has set foot on the Philippine pro scene.

“We want people to recognize esports not as a distraction, but as an avenue that allows students to learn and become proficient in multiple things,” he adds.

And that’s exactly what spurred Valiant Esports to join the AcadArena Alliance.

“Engaging in good partnerships is key if we want to grow our esports community on campus,” Alvarez says. “We regularly share our plans with AcadArena and we’re very thankful for all the assistance they constantly provide us with.” 

Just last month, HAU student Sian dela Cruz made waves after dominating AcadArena Aces: Campus Open for Legends of Runeterra. The TGC prodigy also looks poised to take the crown in the  Alliance League for Hearthstone.

With most of the esports events being in Manila for the longest time, Valiant had struggled to take on more opportunities. Now that things are fully online and everyone’s on even ground, nothing’s going to hold them back.


Watch the Alliance League starting July 25 at 2 PM to 9 PM in twtich.tv/acadarenaph. Viewer prizes will be up for grabs. You can apply for the Alliance Program here.

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