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Attend the ESI Digital Summer for Free!

August 7, 2020
Alliance League

ESI Digital Summer, the world's largest B2B esports event, is slated to run from August 17 to 21 and will feature a flurry of panels, keynotes, and networking activities.

The event will cover North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and will highlight how esports businesses from both established and emerging regions operate.

Esports AcadArena, the country's leading campus esports initiative, shares Esports Insider's desire and commitment to help students get into the esports industry through fostering relationships within the industry, organizational support, and knowledge sharing.

Staying true to this commitment, Esports AcadArena plans on giving free access passes to select students from Alliance League member organizations.

These passes (which would cost more than PHP 6,000.00) will grant students the same level of access as full ticket holders. Not only will they be able to view over 35 hours of live content, virtual exhibitions, and a live esports investment competition known as The Cluth, but they will also have access to Brella’s market leading matchmaking and networking.

Here's what Sam Cooke of ESI had to say:

"At ESI, we're super excited about the merging of the education sector and the esports industry. We're bringing panels focused on this into our events more and more, and as such we're equally keen to support students interested in learning more about the industry on a global level, and ensure they're able to attend such events and gain learnings and valuable connections from it. We've similar partnerships in place with both The NUEL and NSE here in the UK, and so we're delighted to extend our reach to students more globally via this partnership with Esports AcadArena!"

How do I apply?

In order to apply for a pass, you must fill out this form by August 10th 2020. Selected students will be notified on the 11th by noontime.

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