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Become a safe space yourself-- Dani "RD" Rogacion talks about Pride Month

June 3, 2021
Theo Ignacio

About the Pride Month version of the AcadArena logo

For this year, we want to make sure that every student, no matter how they identify as is celebrated, and seen. We’ve updated our main logo to the colors of the modern pride flag. I think everyone should be celebrated everyday, regardless of their gender or sexual identity, especially in this day and age where human connection is necessary.”

AcadArena Pride Month Logo

Dani “RD” Rogacion, the Queen of Philippine Esports Design

RD is currently the head of Overdrive Studios, the creative director of AcadArena, and has worked with numerous gaming and esports companies all around the world including Legion, TNC, etc. You can see most of her work in Overdrive Studios, but a lot of her creative input can be seen from AcadArena’s graphics as well, especially on the logo’s redesign in 2019.

Taken from Dani’s Twitter

“When I came to terms with myself, one of the first group of people to know where my colleagues at Overdrive, although they generally support me, there’s a fear of me and my studio missing out on larger projects due to how society sees transgender women like myself…”

Dani traces this fear of loss for her and her studio to the fact that majority of the people in Philippine esports are unconsciously homo/transphobic.

“I’m glad that nothing changed personally, and I also grew close to my colleagues and friends that eventually ended up with me joining the AcadArena team.”

Dani’s Personal Message for Pride Month

I hope that our support for members of this community doesn’t stop this month, as this is something we’ve been fighting for, for years. I’m glad that there’s a lot of support recently, but it shouldn’t stop with just companies changing logos once a year. Look for organizations that create programs to support the LGBTQIA+ community, and become a safe space yourself.

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