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Campus Esports to Professional Play

July 25, 2021
Theo Ignacio

Campus Esports to Professional Play

Since early 2016, collegiate leagues have always been an avenue for dedicated student gamers to showcase their skills in campus esports. Scouts from professional leagues are always on the lookout for exceptional talent from both collegiate and amateur play.

Outstanding Student Gamers

AcadArena in its years in campus esports have seen exceptional growth in the competitiveness of student gamers. Recently, standout individuals from the campus esports scene have been adopted by the top professional esports organizations in the Philippines. Here's a short list of players who have competed in our collegiate leagues before they transitioned to professional play.

HAU Valiant Esports Club

HAU Coool to Chasing Dreams | Wild Rift

HAU Shino to Chasing Dreams | Wild Rift

HAU Kome to Chasing Dreams | Wild Rift

FIT iTamaraws Esports Club

FIT Yato to GrindSky | Wild Rift

FIT Trix to SV Empire | Valorant

PUP Pylon Esports

PUP Ther to Jamie's Esports | Wild Rift

MCL Malayan Warlocks

MCL Yanagi to Kadiliman | Valorant

USC Warriors Arena

USC FireSaiyaJiN to Zeal Esports | Valorant

CSB Romancon Gaming

CSB Kurtesy to Oasis Gaming | Valorant

DLSL Ignis

DLSL Gadoerrz to Oasis Gaming | Valorant


Be the Next Campus Esports Star

As we continue to produce the best collegiate leagues in the Philippines, and improve with our community of student gamers and alumni, there will always be a chance for you to be the next player to jump from campus esports to professional play.

Here's a list of our major collegiate leagues, supported esports titles, and how you could join them!

Major Leagues:

University Alliance Cup - Alliance Exclusive

Game Titles: Valorant, Wild Rift

National Campus Open - Open to All Students

Game Titles: League of Legends, CODM, Mobile Legends, and more!

Weekly League:

Aces Campus Open - Open to All Students

Game Titles: Mixed with several popular titles every month!

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