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Earon "Kaizen" Villamora - Bringing Diverse Leadership to Campus Esports

July 28, 2021
Theo Ignacio

Earon “Kaizen” Villamora is a co-founder of San Agustin Golden Eagles Esports, and is a multi-awarded alumnus of University of San Agustin in Iloilo City. Earning his versatile skill set as a leader in various organizations outside of campus esports, Earon was able to attain the Eagle Scout rank from Boy Scouts of the Philippines, is a Service Medal Awardee from Philippine Red Cross, and is a leadership awardee for the academic years of 2016-2020 in University of San Agustin.

Establishing Campus Esports with Education

“As we were starting, the idea of campus esports raised a lot of eyebrows in our Catholic University. Knowing that admins aren't convinced, We started with education before anything else.”

With the help of Globe Telecom and AcadArena, San Agustin Golden Eagles flew over speakers from Rumble Royale, Bren Esports, and Secret 6 Studios to aid in educating the school administration about campus esports.

July 31, 2019 - “EAA School Tour: Taking Your First Steps in Gaming”


Moving forward with the school administration’s support, San Agustin Golden Eagles began running tournaments within the campus grounds that led to crowded events featured in large LED walls all around the campus. Additionally, the events and achievements of the teams under the San Agustin Golden Eagles’ banner reached local headlines via the hard work of student gamers, and school administration’s support.

Adjusting Through the Pandemic

Upon the arrival of COVID-19 in the Philippines, San Agustin Golden Eagles were quick to transition to digital events and entertainment. Through a system of student leaders and representatives, San Agustin Golden Eagles maintained stability despite the lack of physical contact within the organization’s members and officers.

This stability and efficiency brought by the united leadership of Earon and the other student leaders of San Agustin Golden Eagles gave the organization a positive reputation to the school administration- proving to them that campus esports is not just play, and that the balance between education and gaming is perfectly possible.

The Tradition of Excellence

“I am a product of campus esports, and it's high time to give back to students who aspire to be part of the competitive scene or the esports industry in general. San Agustin Golden Eagles Esports provides them opportunities to jumpstart their careers.”

From left to right: Earon “Kaizen” Villamora, Coach Anton “Lunic” Naranjo, Adrean “Pards” Raganas, Judd “Keynshi” Gayem, Rumar “Cyanide” Gascon, Joseph  “Genshin” Noble, Manager Brian “Furisero” Blancaver


Entering 2021, San Agustin Golden Eagles know that they’ve already done what’s needed for campus esports. For the past year, they’ve been hosting tournaments inside and outside of the university, sending delegates to international summits, and have been actively competing and winning major collegiate tournaments locally.

The only thing left to do for the San Agustin Golden Eagles is to continue their stellar work, grow even further, and pass on the tradition of excellence to the next generation of Golden Eagles.

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