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GAME Scholars Attend ESI Digital Summit

April 7, 2021
Earon Villamora

The Philippines’ first ever esports scholars were given the chance to be part of ESI Digital Summer 2021.

The ESI Digital Summit is esports’ largest online conference event, running two-days of enthralling content offering expert insight into a myriad of hot topics across the country, Esports Industry leaders from brands, investment groups, sports, broadcast innovations, data engineering and many more are all gathered the summit. The Globe-AcadArena Merit Esports (GAME) Scholars from Ateneo De Manila University, University of San Agustin - Iloilo, Mapua University, Holy Angel University and Malayan Colleges Laguna had a fun experience learning and networking at the event.

ESI Digital gave me the opportunity to learn more about esports from big names. There were a lot of interesting topics I find and some weren't. But as a student, what's important is the networking part of the conference. Just like last ESI Digital, I managed to network with interesting people that could help me with my esports org.

Jan Robert Alvarez
Valiant Esports
Holy Angel University

I’m very grateful to learn from the successful people in this industry. I’m amazed on how they achieve their goals and how they grab every opportunities. This seminar made me realized that gaming is not all about playing. I learned that if I want to succeed I need to have a proper mindset. To be a better gamer I need to consider both physical and mental health cause it have a very big impact on my performance. I learned how pro players think and how they manage their  time. I thank this seminar for reminding me all the things I forget when I  spent most of my time playing.

James Martinez
Malayan Esports Club
Malayan Colleges Laguna

I and a lot people thought that my major was  unorthodox for esports but the people I connected through ESI showed me that esports accommodates various fields that allows me to not just play. Connecting with Industry leaders on an International scale was something I couldn’t imagine doing as a student, thanks to ESI Digital’s smooth handling of the event and interactive platform (brella) me and my colleague were able to do so. The talks really caught my attention, I believe this experience is something that every student interested in esports, especially on the backend of things should go through so that they may apply innovations to their own community.

Kathlyn Marie Lim
San Agustin Golden Eagle Esports 
University of San Agustin - Iloilo

Thank you, ESI! 

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