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Gear Up for the New AcadArena Discord Levelling System with Weekly Game Nights and Exclusive Giveaways

January 3, 2021
Ralph Grande

Introducing the MEE6 Levelling System

We’re spicing up the AcadArena Discord experience with an all-new levelling system where you grind for XP to earn exclusive roles and receive awesome perks. 

You can accumulate XP by interacting with people on discussion channels and participating in community events.

Level 5 - Freshman 

Level 20 - Sophomore 

Level 40 - Junior 

Level 60 - Senior 

Level 80+ - Master 

Upon reaching the Freshman rank, users will be given access to new channels where they can hang out with all the other admirable #NotJustPlay students.

Each level milestone will award additional weekly and/or monthly giveaway tickets. 

A special prize awaits those who can make it all the way to Master!

Weekly Game Nights

Need something to look forward to at the end of the week? Team up with your schoolmates to win in-game items and giveaway tickets!

League of Legends 5v5 ARAM - 2 to 4 Teams

Teamfight Tactics - 2 Lobbies

Valorant Spike Rush - 2 to 4 Teams

Valorant Deathmatch - 2 Lobbies

Among Us - 2 Lobbies

We’ll try not to spoil too much but the weekly and monthly giveaway prizes range from Steam Wallets and ML Diamonds, to gaming peripherals and exclusive AcadArena merchandise. 

Please do your best to earn as many giveaway tickets as possible! Join our Discord server here.


Don’t want to miss out on everything AcadArena has in store for 2021? Apply to become an Alliance member now at acadarena.com/alliance ‍

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