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iAc Nimbus Esports Recruitment Open


iAc Nimbus Esports is opening recruitment for players for Mobile Legends, League of Legends, and Hearthstone!

Interested applicants must be actively playing this month and are currently enrolled in IAcademy.

Rank Requirements

Mobile Legends (Epic or higher)

League of Legends (Diamond or higher in S/D)

Hearthstone (Diamond or higher)

Be part of the growing esports org of iAcademy! Apply here in his form. Deadline of applications will be on June 28.

Organization Profile
Nimbus Esports — Storm clouds are what comes to mind if one hears our name. We want our teams to embody our goal, to aim high, and to leave a lasting mark in the esports industry.


The players acquired from this recruitment different from the varsity teams that we will be forming onsite. We will be sharing more details with our org members soon.

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