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Introducing Quests X TreasureDAO

August 19, 2022
Project Academy
AcadArena Quests Team

Hey everyone!

Over the past few months, our Product Team has been working on an unique Discord experience for students called Quests. Our goal was to create our own little MMORPG experience in the AcadArena Discord where students could complete daily and weekly Quests to level up their character, earn digital rewards, and explore a special AcadArena universe full of magic and adventure.

Today, we’re proud to announce both the official launch date of the Quests Alpha Test and our first Quest partner — TreasureDAO!

Partnering with Treasure

Treasure is building the decentralized game console and comprises a collection of web3 games all built around a common token called $MAGIC, NFTs, and imagination. As part of the Quests Alpha Test, Treasure is providing a special grant of 50,000 $MAGIC that we’ll be distributing to student Alpha testers as Quest rewards.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with AcadArena because they share our commitment to educating new generations about emerging games and technology. By providing $MAGIC to students through AcadArena, we hope that students will be able to learn more about the possibilities of web3 gaming and explore the Treasure ecosystem of games in a fun, safe, and educational environment.”

— Karel Vuong, TreasureDAO Head of Operations

Thanks to Treasure’s grant, we’ll be able to provide $MAGIC tokens to AcadArena students that are chosen for the Quests Alpha Test, which they’ll be able to use to explore the Treasure ecosystem by purchasing playable assets for Treasure games, staking their tokens, and more.

For more information about Treasure, their game cartridges, and the $MAGIC token, visit the Treasure website and join their Discord community.

Join the Quest Alpha

So how can AcadArena students start earning $MAGIC? Starting today, any verified AcadArena student can sign up to join the Quests Alpha Test by heading to the signup page. After Alpha registration closes on August 26, we’ll be selecting a couple hundred students at a time to join the Alpha test experience on Discord.

If you’re selected, you’ll be able to view and complete different Quests on Discord, ranging from simple quests like attending Discord events to more complex Quests where you build rapport with NPC’s in our digital universe. Completing quests will reward you with experience points that will level up your character and also $MAGIC tokens, which you can use to purchase playable assets for Treasure games or stake to generate more tokens.

“When we first designed Quests, we knew that the best type of Quest rewards would be digital currencies that students could immediately use to enjoy games. Because we know that many of our students are interested in web3 games and technology, we wanted to find a web3 gaming project that was educational and easy to understand. That search led us to TreasureDAO, a community with multiple live games all built on a single token — $MAGIC. With their token grant, our Alpha testers will be able to earn $MAGIC and choose how they want to explore the Treasure gaming ecosystem without needing to invest any of their own money upfront.”

— Kevin Hoang, AcadArena CEO

In addition to the $MAGIC rewards that Alpha testers will earn during the test, we’ll be providing all Alpha testers with a special set of Alpha test rewards that they’ll receive before the upcoming public launches later this year.

For more information about the Quest Alpha test, visit the Alpha Test signup page.

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