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Introducing the CONQuest X Coinbase Wallet Collectible

July 14, 2022
AcadArena Staff

Earlier this month, we announced a special partnership with Coinbase Wallet. Our goal was to create a responsible education for our students and attendees that are interested in the technology and opportunities of the web3 ecosystem.

Today, we’re excited to announce a special gift to all of our CONQuest attendees and students at home — a limited-edition CONQuest X Coinbase Collectible that is eco-friendly and free to claim for everyone.

The Collectible is free-to-mint and eco-friendly for anyone with a Coinbase Wallet.

About the Collectible

The CONQuest Digital Collectible is a special illustration of Quintella, one of our CONQuest 2022 virtual hosts, designed by our AcadArena studios team exclusively for the event. You’ll be able to claim up to two versions that are both limited edition — one will be available to anyone who has downloaded the Coinbase Wallet app, and one will be a special version for CONQuest ticket holders only.

The CONQuest attendee-exclusive version will also give attendees access to special on-site benefits only available at CONQuest, including automatic entry into over P400,000 of special giveaways, including Nintendo Switches and Logitech G Pro gaming mice, and a special 10% discount for merchandise at our AcadArena booth.

The Attendee-exclusive version also gives you access to P400,000 in giveaways and special discounts!

About the Technology

The CONQuest Digital Collectibles are limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are minted on Polygon, an eco-friendly chain that makes claiming the collectible free for the user with a fraction of the eco-footprint of traditional NFTs.

Most people know NFTs as expensive digital images that are traded online. For us, non-fungible tokens are just another type of technology that allows our attendees to keep memorable moments with them forever, like a pin or a limited-edition item in a game. We’re using this technology to give this collectible away to anyone who wants it, but unlike other NFTs, it’s not intended for resale or profit in any way.

Claiming the Collectible

The CONQuest Digital Collectible will be available to claim on a special Collectible Sign-up Site between now and July 20th. The only requirement for the collectible is a Coinbase Wallet and, for the attendee-exclusive version, a CONQuest Ticket Ref Number that matches your first and last name. To get started:

  1. Head to the Sign-up Site
  2. Enter your name, email, and Coinbase Wallet address
  3. If you’re attending CONQuest, enter your CONQuest Ticket Ref Number to earn the attendee-exclusive collectible
  4. Click the Reserve Now button

After signups close on July 20, we’ll send the digital collectible directly to your Coinbase Wallets through Polygon. We’re excited that for many of our attendees, their first NFT will be a special memory with us that is both free and eco-friendly. We hope that this collectible will show our students and attendees that web3 technology can be both exciting and responsibly developed.

As an added bonus, because this collectible is minted on Polygon, an Ethereum-based chain, you’ll be able to use the NFT profile picture option on Twitter and other apps to highlight your new collectible during and after CONQuest!

For more information about Coinbase Wallet and our partnership, read our official partnership announcement post.

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