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Introducing the New AcadArena

August 19, 2021
Justin Banusing

TL;DR: We just launched a digital platform with lots of awesome features. Make your account today

👋 What’s up Academians! 

Thank you so much for the support throughout the past two years. It’s been a crazy ride growing this movement to build campus gaming in the Philippines alongside y’all -- all the way from our days as a small community non-profit to the over 300 schools we work with nowadays. 

When I started out in the industry as a teenager about half a decade ago, all I wanted was to be able to share that experience with people my age. To be able to have people to relate to and grow with. Most of our team can relate, and that’s our vision for this company: build what we wish we had as students and really show that, like our motton, gaming is #NotJustPlay.

Today, we’re excited to share the open alpha of our very own web platform: the AcadArena App. We’ve been using so many different apps over the past years to create awesome experiences for y’all, and we understand just how confusing that may have been for some. 

That’s why we’re building the AcadArena App as the Nexus (geddit?) for everything AcadArena -- an all in one digital solution for everything campus gaming!  

So what’s in store for this initial version called Mondstadt (the first area in Genshin Impact! Yes, we’re weebs)?

🏆 Tournaments

Tired of having to input proof of registration for your friends every time you register for an AcadArena tournament? Having trouble finding all our tournaments or ones that your school is hosting? 

We gotchu, fam! Our new tournament system puts the entire campus gaming competition experience all in one place and makes registration easy and fast. 

Speaking of tournaments, registration for the new League of Legends National Campus Open Season is open

🤝 Communities

Are you looking for your school’s gaming club or a high school student scouting out which college to go to? You can search through the dozens of clubs we’ve partnered with on our community directory and learn more about them on their info pages.

We wanted a way to let our student org partners showcase themselves and their awesomeness, and we’ll be adding a lot of stuff to help them do that better as this evolves. 

🦔 Student Profile

Yes, you can now enroll in AcadArena! 

Jokes aside, you can now claim your very own AcadArena profile and ID when you sign up for an account. This will be the key for y’all to unlock the platform has to feature as we grow -- from discounts and deals to tournaments and events.

But that’s not all. We know just how the campus gaming experience is and just how many kinds of student gamers are out there, so there’s a TON in store over the next few months like:

🏫 24/7 Scholarship Applications

💸 Special Deals from Our Partners

📺 Gamified Content -- and lots of it

✨ Streamlined Team Creation

Do note that some things may be rough since this is still an open alpha. As with all early stage tech stuff, there may have been some spaghetti 🍝 spilled while making this 🤣. 

We’d love to hear your feedback on our Kampsite,  any of our socials or my email at justin@acadarena.com. We like to think we’re not just building this for y’all, but building this with you -- so do let us know your thoughts!

As we continue to build this We’ll be releasing a newsletter like this every week as we continue to build our programs, projects and products -- all with your input, of course. 

We can’t wait to continue improving on the AcadArena app in order to make it the place where all student gamers in Southeast Asia come to play, learn and connect.

Till then, stay safe and keep playing! 


Justin “Popi” Banusing

Chief Operating Officer

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