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John Carlo "Stell4r" Pastorfide - Leading People to Greatness

July 14, 2021
Theo Ignacio

John Carlo “Stell4r” Pastorfide is the President of Malayan Esports Organization, one of the oldest campus esports organizations in the Philippines. Stell4r started out as a League of Legends player, then transitioned to Wild Rift all the while pursuing managerial roles inside the organization. He was also nominated together with Malayan Esports Club for several awards during the 2020 AcadArena Awards, showing how he is one of the beacons of campus esports in South Luzon.

Open Minds and Brighter Futures

Stell4r did not find much difficulty in setting up campus esports in his university. He referred to the school administration as open minded individuals that shared the same vision he had for campus esports regarding responsible gaming inside the university.

The goal of Malayan Esports Club was to remove the negative stigma surrounding gamers and esports enthusiasts. Most people around their community saw gamers as people who wouldn’t have bright futures ahead of them. With Malayan Esports Club’s efforts, they’ve changed minds and turned heads inside their university and around their region.

From Small Events to Bigger Stages

Ever since Malayan Esports Club was built and supported by Malayan Colleges Laguna’s school administration, Malayan Esports Club went from making mini-tournaments to conducting annual events with multiple game titles funded by the school itself.

Malayan Esports Club General Assembly 2019

Building Trust with School Administrators

The influence of Malayan Esports Club has come to a point where the Malayan Colleges Laguna’s school administration completely trusts Malayan Esports Club in all matters related esports- asking assistance from time to time in certain events and decisions. Stell4r sees this relationship with the school administration as a relationship that openly embraces change and new ideas.

“Not all of your ideas mean success, and there are people who can see what you can't see, people who have bright ideas for the benefit of the organization's development. You should be open for change.”

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