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National Campus Open: MLBB Qualifiers Feature

October 14, 2020
Ralph Grande

8 slots taken. 8 slots remain. Take a look at the first wave of teams that have qualified to the National Campus Open: MLBB.

The Teletigers’ foray into the international scene a few months ago has left them craving for more. The reigning champs won’t settle for anything other than 1st place but the real question is: will 1st place settle for them?

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s two representatives are back for another go at the title. Both the Malayan Warlocks and Warlocks Vincere had their tournament runs end at the hands of the Teletigers last season, which means revenge is surely on the menu this time around.

The Technical University of the Philippines - Manila also has two reps of its own, with Gearhawk Esports from last season now joined by Gearhawks Esports White. More reps, more chances of winning. Solid gameplan.

The Apex Tamaraws of Far Eastern University - Alabang are back for a second season but they had to knock out iTamaraws Focus from sister school FEU Institute of Technology in the process. Let’s just call it friendly competition. Definitely no bad blood here.

Warrior’s Arena ended FIT’s chances of having any of their reps go through by beating iTamaraws Equinox in the third round of the lower bracket. 

Rounding out our list of qualifiers are Valiant Archangels Alpha. Will the boys from Pampanga finally place higher than second place?

The stage isn’t set yet. Two more open qualifiers (with 4 slots to the National Campus Open each) are scheduled in the coming weeks. Think your team has what it takes to fight toe to toe with the best? It’s about time to find out.

October 17: Campus Open Qualifiers #1

Register here: http://bit.ly/NCOMLBBOpen1Reg

October 24: Campus Open Qualifiers #2

Register here: http://bit.ly/NCOMLBBOpen2Reg

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