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National Cup Team Spotlight: Code 99 - Cebu Doctors’ University

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The Visayas region has been home to many local Esports heroes from different fields, with some of them earning national and international recognition through stellar performances in both local and foreign tournaments. This level of accomplishment will be the goal of team Code 99 from Cebu Doctors’ University, one of the two VisMin teams that will compete in the AcadArena National Cup MLBB Tournament.

The team was originally formed when the CDU student government decided to hold an MLBB tournament as part of their Intramural program where they won with flying colors. Code 99  has also gone on to compete in amateur competitions in their region, with an amateur record that includes mall events, and online amateur tournaments.

When talking about their training and their edge against fellow competitors, Code99 puts emphasis in focusing on micro and macro team plays as well as developing individual proficiency in their players’ chosen roles.

“We trust each others skills and we openly communicate every error we commit during our practices which helps us polish our rotations more.” says Tank player Christian Jay “CHRISanthemum” Montejo Clerigo whose individual record also includes a championship win in an online amateur open hosted by Leo, one of our National Cup Shoutcasters.

As Cebu Doctors’ University continues to be open to having Esports tournaments hosted within the school, Code 99 also hopes that this support expands to more than just allowing tournaments to be held and hopefully allowing a proper Esports ecosystem to thrive within CDU.

Be sure to tune in to the Esports AcadArena National Cup MLBB Tournament live starting this Aug 2 at fb.com/acadarenaph. MLBB Diamonds will be given away for viewers so be sure to tune in and support your favorite team!

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