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New updates for AcadArena ACES August Tournaments!

August 5, 2020
AcadArena Compete

Before you click on “Register Now” on our ACES Tournaments, be sure to read through the new updates for our competitive online events this month.

For Campus Esports, All Free, No Premiums

All Aces Tournament for August will be exclusively available for College and Senior-High School players and teams. All team members for team-based tournaments must also come from the same campus or school if they want to register for an Aces Tournament. All Aces Tournaments will also be FREE for any College or SHS team or player that wants to register.

Premium Aces Tournaments will not be available for the month of August, and July Premium Subscribers will not be able to renew their premium subscriptions and take advantage of the previously included perks on the AcadArena Mogul hub.

How to register

1. Sign up for an account at Mogul.gg

Head on to mogul.gg/hub/acadarenaph and click on the “Start Playing” button to register for a free account.

2. Check out what tournament is available

Registration for tournaments will be made available weekly. Once the registration for the tournament of your choice is up, click on “Register Now” to be redirected to the tournament page and sign-up first on the Google Form link in order for your registration to be reviewed and to obtain the tournament registration password

3. Get the Tournament Password

Once our tournament administrator is able to review and validate registration on the google form, we will then be emailing valid registrants with the tournament password so they could complete their registration.

4. Train for Game day and don't be late!

Once your registration is complete, then it’s time to prep up and get ready for game day! Check-in time will be at 2:30 PM on every tournament day and we will not give special consideration for late teams or players.

Campus Esports Tournaments Every Week!

Check out the calendar for the list of upcoming Aces Tournaments for August! Also, registration for each tournament will be available weekly and announcements will be made on our official Social Media page fb.com/acadarenaph

Tournament Registration Links (will be updated weekly be sure to check out for our announcement every Monday for the Registration Links)


Still confused? Contact us in the AcadArena Facebook page for questions.

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