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Join the First Wave of Alpha Testers for Project Academy

March 9, 2023
Project Academy
Kevin He

Hey everyone!

Kevin from the AcadArena team here. Last year, we ran an exclusive Alpha Test for a new students-only RPG experience inside our Discord server. Since then, we’ve been hard at work cooking up more and more features for our game, now codenamed Project Academy. Today, I’m excited to announce that our next Alpha Test is starting on March 17!

Read on to learn more about what the game is and how you can sign up for the Alpha test to earn CONQuest tickets, exclusive game assets from our friends at Treasure, and more.


The first test of Project Academy (formerly known as the Quest System) was originally designed as a simple way for us to create Quests that students could take on and complete for rewards. Of course, we never settle for simple, so the Project Academy you’ll get to see during this Alpha Test has so much more.

Of course, the Quests still exist, but we thought building a Discord bot just wasn’t fun enough. Our dream is to create a whole Universe that students could explore — a universe that celebrates how special it really feels to be a collegiate student leader or competitor or club member. A universe for just us.

As a tester, you’ll get to be one of the first students to experience this new world and, most importantly, share your feedback so we can continue to build something truly special for our community.


This Alpha Test will be a 4-week-long private test for a maximum of 600 AcadArena verified students. We’ll be taking applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re interested in signing up, head to the Alpha Signup Page on the AcadArena website.


Absolutely. Being an Alpha Tester is actually quite a bit of hard work — you have to wade through bugs and regularly share your feedback with us. That’s why we’re making sure our Alpha Testers are all rewarded for their time.

As an Alpha Tester, you’ll be provided the following rewards when you reach different levels:

We’ll reach out to all testers immediately after the Alpha to distribute these rewards. If you were a tester for the previous Alpha, you’ll also receive your $MAGIC rewards at the same time.


Treasure is a decentralized gaming ecosystem with a huge cast of games, all built on the MAGIC ecosystem. As part of our early-stage partnership with their team, they’re giving all Alpha Testers a Founding Character for their Fantasy Action Roguelite RPG The Beacon, which gives you access to regular dungeons, character customizations, and special events.

That’s it for today! On behalf of myself and the entire Quests & IP team at AcadArena, we look forward to welcoming the first wave of Alpha Testers to the Academy on March 17.


The Project Academy Team

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