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The Quest System Alpha Starts on October 11

October 3, 2022
Project Academy
Kevin He

Hey everyone!

Kevin from the AcadArena Product Team here. Over the past few months, we’ve teased an exciting new product called Quests that will allow you to participate in a students-only RPG experience inside our Discord server. Today, we’re excited to announce that our very first Alpha Test for Quests will go live on October 11!

In today’s post, we’ll share some early details about what you can expect from the Quest Alpha and how you can participate and earn rewards.

What is Quests?

The Quest System was originally designed as a way for us to directly reward our students for being an active part of our community. We wanted to design Quests around things that you already do, like participating in events and discussions in Discord or playing games with other AcadArena students. Then, as you’re doing these little things that keep our community fun and alive, we wanted to be able to provide you with micro-rewards that would add up over time and allow you to purchase fun items like merchandise or in-game rewards and other things.

Of course, simple ideas always find a way to grow bigger here at AcadArena!

What Quests has become today is a whole Discord experience with multiple elements. In addition to the original task-like Quests, we’ve also added:

We felt that building a Discord minigame just wasn’t fun enough. We wanted to create a whole Universe that students could explore — a universe that celebrates how special it really feels to be a collegiate student leader or competitor or club member. A universe for just us.

How can I sign up?

Of course, the universe and the Discord experience that we’re building is still in its early stages. That’s why we’re starting off with an Alpha Test, which will be a private test for only a couple hundred AcadArena students and leaders — designed to allow our development team to listen to your feedback and help shape the future of Quests.

Are there rewards for being an Alpha Tester?

Absolutely. Being an Alpha Tester is actually quite a bit of hard work — you have to wade through bugs and regularly share your feedback with us. That’s why we’re making sure our Alpha Testers are all rewarded for their time.

As an Alpha Tester, you’ll be provided the following rewards as long as you reach Level 5.

As an added bonus, all selected Wave 1 Alpha Testers will also receive a Tower of Fantasy Gift Code as thanks for signing up early!

That’s it for today! On behalf of myself and the entire Quests & IP team at AcadArena, we look forward to welcoming the first wave of Alpha Testers to the Academy on October 11.


Kevin He & the Quests Team

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