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Student Spotlight: Marc "MsY" Yang


Marc ‘MsY’ Yang debuted in the campus esports scene in his senior year in Ateneo de Manila University. He got pulled by his friend to form a ragtag team for a tournament.

He neither had the competitive experience nor the rank elo when he represented LG Esports in an international campus qualifier no less. Being matched against the Teletigers (who eventually won to represent in IEF China) their confidence got stomped hard in the first game of the double elims.

“Coming into our second game, our mindset was to have fun while trying to win,” Marc recalls. This healthy mindset earned them a snowball win against FEU-Diliman’s AITS.

He notes that this first win with his friends was his fondest esports memory so far. “Not gonna lie, that win made me feel like I was a kid playing video games for the first time.”

His esports journey didn’t end after that.

Marc eventually became a management consultant for LG Esports. The same friend who invited him, Kenneth, became the manager. Just last March, Marc took home the championship and MVP title of LG’s own flagship event, End of Semester Invitational S2. This time he represented his home org.

This was Marc’s last campus competition before officially graduating.

“With LG Esports participation in AcadArena's projects and AcadArena giving these opportunities, the ADMU community has become more aware of the competitive gaming scene, and other organizations have also become more interested,” Marc says looking back at how the campus esports scene in Ateneo has grown.

End of Semester Invitational (ESI) is a full-service inter-org tournament by LG Esports for ADMU since last year. AcadArena serves as sponsor and casual consultant for the event.

“Although the esports community in ADMU may still be small, with the continued efforts of both organizations, I believe that it will become something renowned in the ADMU community,” Marc adds. 

Marc looks to start off his adulting either as a consultant or part of the consumer goods industry. If he does pursue his masters in business, then perhaps we’ll see “MsY” again in the campus esports scene.


LG Esports is one of the first members of AcadArena's Alliance program. Alliance is a student org support program that grants access to sponsored tournaments and training in different roles in the esports industry. You can learn more and apply here.

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