Win a Nintendo Switch AND MAJOR PRIZES at CONQuest 2022 with the AcadArena Passport

AcadArena is going to CONQuest Festival 2022 this July 23-24 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay.

We’re simulating a back-to-school experience for students and adults alike through the AcadArena Passport.

You just need to complete 10 stamps in your passport by completing quests as you visit different booths and brands around the con to qualify for a raffle. You can win exclusive AcadArena merch, gaming gear, in-game credits, Funko Pops, meet-and-greets (with Kyedae, Michael Reeves, and LilyPichu), and brand new Nintendo Switches.

Check out our exciting raffle prizes through the AcadArena Passport!

Both students and non-students can claim a passport, but each have a different set of requirements to satisfy before receiving one from the 1F/2F AcadArena Booth. Students must show their verified AcadArena account, while non-students need to like and follow our socials. Additionally, everyone must also download the Coinbase Wallet app and create an account. These are the requirements to claim a passport. Passport holders must go through the quest line in order to reach the raffle draw.

More information will be provided by the AcadArena booth/megatent staff during CONQuest itself! Account verification guidelines are pinned in the #general text channel of the AcadArena Academy Discord.

PASSPORT QUEST LIST — the numbers in the parentheses represent the number and sequence of stamps you have to collect. (10 quests > 10 stamps > raffle!)

Welcome to the Academy (1-2)

1. Life is an Anime. Take a pic with a “friend” under the sakura trees in the
Academy. Show the picture to the AA staff in the 2F booth to get a stamp.

2. Touch Grass. Take a selfie “touching grass” on the 2F. Show the picture to the
AA staff in the 2F booth to get a stamp.

3. Socials Buff! Post any of these photos publicly on any of your socials
with the tags #NotJustPlay, #LetsGo, and #CQ2022. Show the post to
the 1F/2F booth for a stamp.

Aral Muna Bago Laro (3-4)

1. AA Student Pulse. Students only. Cast your vote on the AA Discord under
#student-pulse. Show you voted to the 1F/2F booth to get a stamp.

2. TriviAA. Students only. Answer a random academic quiz question in the
AA Discord under #triviAA. Show you voted to the 1F/2F booth to get a stamp.

3. School Drip. Buy any AcadArena merch at the 1F booth. Get a stamp at

4. Be #AllG. Watch any one full game of the Alliance Games. Get half a stamp
upon entry and another going out. Cut-off is 5 minutes in game time.

5. Pay it Forward. Go to the Globe booth. Get a stamp by donating
a canned good.

6. Don’t Cut Class. Attend any talk by AcadArena on the 2F. Get half a stamp upon
entry and another going out. Cut-off is 10 minutes in the talk.

7. Self-Care. Purchase anything at the Academy Cafe to get a stamp!

50% Off Coffe at the Academy Cafe (5)

Take a Break. You worked hard! Get coffee to go or rest up at the Academy Cafe. Get the stamp at purchase. Buffed by Whistle Toys Cafe.

Internship (6-9)

Visit any of our partner booths in CONQuest and complete their task to get a stamp! If you’re lucky, they might even give you one for free!

These are our partner booths: (to be updated)

Grad-Waiting (10)

Dedix. Drop a message at our freedom wall on the 1F booth to collect a stamp.
This is the last passport quest before the loot.

RAFFLE PRIZE POOL — as of July 20, 2022

  • 3x Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise)
  • 3x Nintendo Switch Lite (Coral)
  • 1x [Aezer Official] Slime Paradise Beanie Bag - Medium
  • 5x [Cougar] Ranger Gaming Sofa
  • 1x [Cougar] QBX Casing
  • 2x [Cougar] Havoc BT Wireless Gaming Headset
  • 1x [Cougar] Screamer x Studio Microphone
  • 6x [Cougar] Minos X2 Gaming Mouse
  •  5x [Logitech G] G435 White
  •  10x [Logitech G]G502 Hero
  •  5x [Logitech G] G733 Lilac
  • 100x [Whistle Toys Cafe] Funko Pop
  • 1x [Rotobox] Ducky One 3 Daybreak SF
  • 1x [Rotobox] Ducky One 3 Daybreak MINI
  • 1x [Rotobox] Ducky One 2 MINI Sou Sou Limited Edition, Black/Red Switches
  • 1x [Rotobox] Ducky One 3 Yellow SF, Cherry Reds
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Starwish Desk Calendar/Giftbox
  • 5x [Bren Esports] Sneak Attack x ML:BB Jacket
  • 5x [ASUS ROG] Hoodie
  • 3x [Aezer Official] Deskmat - Traveler
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Genshin Fes Series Poster
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Halloween Series Candy Jar - Diluc
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Halloween Series Candy Jar - Hu Tao
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Halloween Series Candy Jar - Xiao
  • 5x [Aezer Official] Halloween Series Candy Jar - Childe
  • 50x [Globe] Google Lens
  • 10x [UniPin] UniPin Voucher PHP 500
  • 6x [UniPin] Bomber Jacket
  • 10x [UniPin] Varsity Jacket
  • [AcadArena] Discord Sticker Packs
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