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Xavier "Xavi8K" Juan - The Two-time UAC Valorant Champion That Went Pro

August 5, 2021
Theo Ignacio

Xavier “Xavi8k” Juan is a Valorant player from De La Salle University’s Viridis Arcus that won two University Alliance Cup championships back-to-back in Season 1 and 2. Xavi8k also had the opportunity to represent the Philippines with his collegiate team for the PVP Esports Campus Championship in 2020. Recently, he got signed into Sunsparks, and will be playing for Valorant Champions Tour Playoffs.

From Role Models to Colleagues

Xavi8k is no stranger to the professional Valorant scene in the Philippines. Before entering the professional scene himself, he looked up to several Filipino professional players- even meeting some of them personally in his short stay in Bren Esports HQ when DLSU Viridis Arcus competed in PVP Esports Campus Championship.

Winning two UAC Valorant championships back-to-back made it known to the local Valorant community that Xavi8k is one of the players that’s talented and experienced enough to make the transition from collegiate to professional play.

Here’s what Xavi8k has to say about his experience moving into Sunspark’s bootcamp.

“This experience has taught me a lot personally, and I get to be with the role models I look up to. Being in this environment makes me strive to be the best and improve.”

An Accidental Dynasty

From left to right: Xavier “Xavi8k” Juan, Jesus “Susej” Guiab, Rodrick “Typhoid” Danao, Ron "Grosso" Rieta, William "W1lly" Reyes, Arvin "Vintage" Vinluan, Patrick "Patskidoo" Lanuza


During the inaugural season of University Alliance Cup Valorant, DLSU Viridis Arcus did not have a Valorant team yet. Xavi8k created their first Valorant roster, for the reason of wanting to compete against campus rivals, ADMU LG Esports-- and becoming the best in the collegiate Valorant scene.

The Dom Toretto of Collegiate Valorant

“The bond of the team really matters. What’s different from Viridis Arcus and other teams is that we’re like family, we can mess around and be serious at the same time. This bond creates the chemistry we need to win.”

In Xavi8k’s experience in campus esports, he emphasizes the importance of treating your teammates like family, and managing emotions during gameplay. For him, managing tones when addressing mistakes is integral in keeping the team’s morale and confidence intact during high-pressure situations inside games.

Calm Under Pressure

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Xavi8k still feels pressure from time to time. However, what matters for him is not the pressure that he feels, but how he performs under it with confidence. He’s aware of his status as one of the best collegiate Valorant players in the Philippines, and he knows his goals don’t stop there.

As of now, Xavi8k’s goals are aligned with competing both for DLSU Viridis Arcus and Sunsparks, pursuing both leagues to maximize his growth as a player. Apart from winning University Alliance Cup Valorant S3 for the third time in a row, he also wants to qualify for the Southeast Asian Valorant Champions Tour and represent the Philippines. Currently, Sunsparks is one step away from this feat, and would have to win their matches this August 6, 2021.

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