about quests

During your time in the Academy Discord server, you’ll be able to embark on Quests that will challenge your gaming skills, social prowess, learning ability, and more. Some quests can be completed regularly, and some are one-time achievements or adventures that will allow you to explore the world.
Completing Quests will earn you rewards in the form of experience points, digital rewards, and more.
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Join the Quest Alpha Test

Starting on September 29, we’re inviting a small group of AcadArena students to join the private Alpha Test for the Quest System. Applications are available to any verified student between now and September 29. Click the button below to apply on the AcadArena main site.

Alpha Exclusive rewards

As a token of appreciation for participating in the Alpha Test, all selected testers who have reached a certain player level will receive additional Alpha-exclusive rewards in addition to any Quest rewards they earn during the test.

These rewards will be distributed after the conclusion of the Alpha Test. Testers will also get to keep some progress for the official launches later this year.
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$MAGIC Tokens
And More!