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Globe-AcadArena Merit Esports Scholarship (GAMES) competitive category is awarded to model collegiate esports student athletes of 3-star AcadArena Alliance accredited student organizations.

The student must have qualified for any of the following major AcadArena league this 2020:
  • Alliance League (LoL/HS)
  • AcadArena National Cup (MLBB)
  • University Alliance Cup (Valorant)
  • National Campus Open (LoL, HS, MLBB.)


Globe-AcadArena Merit Esports Scholarship (GAMES) leadership category is awarded to model collegiate student leaders of 3-star AcadArena Alliance accredited student organizations.

The student must have made significant contributions to their campus esports community.
Gold Award
100% tuition coverage (Max of PHP 30,000 tuition coverage or PHP 5,000 monthly stipend for the current or next active semester for state universities.)

Silver Award
50% tuition coverage (Max of PHP 15,000 tuition coverage or PHP 3,000 monthly stipend for the current or next active semester for state universities.)


Family Good Game Grant

The Family Good Game Grant is awarded to model student gamers (undergraduate or masteral) in households in need. They must be an active member of any AcadArena Alliance accredited student organization regardless of start tier.
Gold Award
One (1) awardee of a lump sum of PHP 50,000.

Silver Award
Three (3) awardees of a lump sum of PHP 25,000.


Who is eligible to apply for any of the categories?
For GAME Scholarships, interested applicants must pass the following:
  • Natural born Filipino citizen.Must not be in graduating status.
  • Not over 28 years of age.
  • Must not have any disciplinary cases or the like.
  • An active member, student leader or esports athlete under a 3-star AcadArena Alliance organization.
  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree concentration.
  • Must have completed, at least, one (1) academic year in their current campus.
  •  Must not be currently under another scholarship contract.
The Family Good Game Grant will follow the same requirements except for the 3-star requirement. Applicants may be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or a masteral degree program.

Which are the Alliance member organizations currently eligible?
  • 3-Star Accredited
    • LG Esports from Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU)
    • TUP GEAR from Technological University of the Philippines (TUP)
    • Malayan Esports Club from Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL)
    • Mapua Gaming Society from Mapua University (MU)
    • Oblation Esports from University of the Philippines - Diliman (UPD)
    • Valiant Esports Club from Holy Angel University (HAU)
    • SAGE Esports from University of San Agustin (USA)
  • 2-Star Accredited
    • AdU Game from Adamson University (AdU)
    • Tamaraws Esports Club from Far Eastern University-Institute of Technology (FIT)
    • AdU Game from Adamson University (AdU)
    • USC Warriors Arena from University of San Carlos (USC)
    • Golden Lions from Central Philippine University (CPU)
    • ICON from St. Louis University (SLU)
    • PNU-SULO from Philippine Normal University (PNU)
    • Ignis from De La Salle University - Lipa (DLSL)
    • JPCS from Far Eastern University - Alabang (FEU-A)
    • Romancon Gaming from College of St. Benilde (CSB
    • Mustang Esports from STI-West Negros University (STI-WN)
    • SUSG from Silliman University (SU)
    • WVSU Esports Organization from Western Visayas State University (WVSU)
  • 1-Star Accredited
    • Haribons from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)
    • Pylon Esports from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)
    • Rektikano Esports from University of St. La Salle (USLS)
    • Titans Esports from Liceo de Cagayan University (LDCU)
    • Jaguars from University of the Cordilleras (UC)
    • Teletigers from University of Santo Tomas (UST)
    • Viridis Arcus from De La Salle University - Manila (DLSU-M)
    • Tamaraws FX from Far Eastern University - Manila (FEU-M)
    • Paradigm Esports from New Era University (NEU)
How do you join the AcadArena Alliance program?
Any student initiative, club or organization whose members and leaders are from one campus, may apply to be part of the AcadArena Alliance student org support system.

The second wave of applications will end on January 30, 2021. Check out the Application Procedures at our Alliance Page to apply!
How do you level-up your star tier in the Alliance program?
Alliance program is a student org support system that provides training and resources to student organizations to grow their campus esports program. 

The better organized the Alliance member is in building their campus esports community, the more perks they get when they level up. 

Can I apply for the scholarship if I’m not a member of an Alliance organization?
At the moment, all our scholarship categories are tied to the Alliance program. So either join one and start helping build your campus esports program or make one in your campus!

What do I do if I have missing requirements?
Bank statements or certificates may be waived given that you’ll be able to provide the following: (1) certificate of employment or employment contract, (2) pay slips of the past 3 months.

Income Tax Return (ITR) forms may be waived given that you provide a letter stating the reason for non-filing. This must be signed by the guardian/parent who has the missing ITR.

Certificate of employment/contracts/pay slips may be waived given the following:
Self-employment: Please submit DTI/SEC documents, business permits and financial statements instead.
Government-based employment programs: Please submit certificates from the municipality that details their employment.
Retirement: Please submit a Certification of Retirement with retirement benefits detailed from PAGIBIG/SSS/GSIS.

What if I’m already a scholar?
If you’re currently under another scholarship whether government-based, campus-based or through a private donor, you may not be eligible.

Will there be more scholarship categories soon?
Globe and AcadArena are dedicated in building a sustainable and equitable platform that celebrates student talent. We have a lot of plans on how to do just that. For our first year of implementation, we want to take it slow and steady to make sure our programs are relevant to the student gamer. 
How will the money be disbursed?
All questions regarding disbursement of funds will only be disclosed to the awardees or grantees upon announcement in February 2021.
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