Are You TUF Enough?
A gaming marketing pitch competition for students!

Queue up as a team and get creative on your video pitch for the Philippines' first student case contest for the gaming market and win awesome gear!

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Win an ASUS PC set for your teacher!
Get good and give back.

Champion team gets to award a work from home set-up to a chosen teacher from their campus!

First Place

One (1) work from home PC set for the chosen teacher. One (1) TUF Gaming peripheral set for each student.

Second Place

TUF Gaming H3 Headsets for each student.

Third Place

TUF Gaming M3 mice and P3 mousepads for each student.

Top 5

One set of TUF Gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset) for each team.

Competition Phases
Ready. Set. Pitch! Be sure to read the rules and make the deadline.

Rules & Eligibility

Open to G12 and college students! Build a squad of 3-4 enrolled students. Teams can be mixed!

Read the pitch rules. Note important dates!

Check the Rules

Preliminary Round

Submit your team information and video pitch by July 22.

A panel of judges from AcadArena and ASUS will announce the top 5 pitches by July 24.

Final Round

Final 5 will have a week to edit their original pitch based on the final round prompts in the rules.

Mentors Week will be on July 24-30.

Deadline of the final video pitch will be on July 30. Entries will be broadcasted live on July 31!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a marketing pitch?

A marketing pitch is a presentation of ideas on how to sell a product. The ASUS x AcadArena TUF Enough marketing pitch competition wants to showcase TUF Gaming Products (P3, M3, K3 and H3) and answer the question: “How do you become tougher with TUF Gaming peripherals in the new normal for students?”

Is it going to be a live pitch?

We understand the challenges students go through right now with regards to hardware, software and internet limitations. For both the preliminary and the final rounds, you need only submit a video presentation. There are no editing requirements. You can record it off a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call just like in class.

We're after the creativity and originality of the marketing idea and not of the video. Take note that if you reach the final five, you will be required to send a representative to go online for the broadcast on July 31 to answer some panel questions.

It's our first time joining a pitch competition, any tips?

Assemble a team with different strengths! A good marketing pitch needs good research, concept, graphic design and presentation. Team work makes the dream work! You don't have to be the only carry in this group work. You have your classes for that.

Here's a list of links you definitely have to check out:

(1) rules to make sure you're eligible

(2) registration form to make sure you enter

(3) ASUS product landing for product research purposes

AcadArena FB page for inquiries and clarifications.

Does it matter if I'm not from a marketing course?

Nope. This competition is open to all courses. You can even field a mixed team of G12 and college students given that you're from the same campus.

Can campuses have more than one team?

Yeap. This event is open to any number of student teams from a campus. The selection of the final five will likewise not take into consideration which campus you come from. If you're pitch is great, you're in!
So, Are You TUF Enough?
Sign up today and get ready for something awesome!
Juan De La Cruz
President of Sage Esports
AcadArena made esports known in a country where it is not that acknowledged. It validated the career of students in esports.”
Juan De La Cruz
President of Sage Esports
AcadArena made esports known in a country where it is not that acknowledged. It validated the career of students in esports.”