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University Alliance Cup

Fall 2020

Follow the BIGGEST campus tournament in the Philippines. From October 17 to November 28, the best student agents will battle it out for the coveted championship slot and represent the country in the PVP Esports Campus Championships on December 12.




Round Robin
Quarters BO3
2nd-3rd Seed
1st Seed

Weekly Schedule

Rosters and Support Staff

Ateneo de Manila University

LG Esports

Loyola Gaming is a rising collegiate gaming organization in the Ateneo de Manila University. We aim to simulate a professional esports organization’s environment in an academic setting, and to build a community that gamers can call a home on campus to show the potential of games in bringing the best out of people.

Oblation Esports

University of the Philippines

Oblation Esports is the official esports arm of UPGG, the premier gaming organization of the University of the Philippines. A veritable institution in collegiate esports, OBE has been participating in large-scale League of Legends campus tournaments since 2015.

Boasting a national championship title from LCL 2017 and several runs in international tournaments, the organization has been historically successful in making a name for itself.

The main League of Legends team currently boasts a ferocious mix of veteran collegiate players and young bloods that bring out the best in each other. The more experienced minds provide guidance and stability, propelled and motivated by the fervent desire from the new recruits to prove themselves.


University of Santo Tomas

Teletigers Esports Club is historically the most dominant collegiate esports team in the Philippines. With numerous titles from year after year after year from several esports titles, Teletigers Esports Club maintains its steady goal of producing top tier players in the collegiate scene while building a healthy community of gamers as its core.

Valiant Archangels

Holy Angel University

Skilled, competent, and determined. Valiant Esports is a club that aims to unite people and their talents to create an interactive environment. Despite having a variety of traits, different yet passionate people are working together making up an organized team, and always look for ways to keep the people involved.

Engaging in various events such as competitions to improve proficiency, earning knowledge and using it together with confidence, Valiant also empowers students through gaming and at the same time elevating the Esports community.

Mustang Warriors

University of Santo Carlos

What’s up Warrior! Warrior's Arena was founded by the former Dynamic Communication Society, now Computer, Information, and Science Council, with the help of the S.Y 2018-2019 Supreme Student Council President. Officially recognized as a student organization by the university on September 3, 2019, we have been serving the Carolinian community with their esports needs ever since.

It is our mission to promote and cultivate student pride and identity in the University of San Carlos by featuring the skills and talents of the Carolinians in esports. We also promote a healthy balance between student life and recreation, all the while fostering teamwork, unity, and the skills of esports athletes.

Viridus Arcus

De La Salle University

DLSU Viridis Arcus has historically performed quite well in the collegiate scene. We hope that we can still perform as well as we did before in this new league, with our new roster. We will try our best to meet expectations and rise to the occasion. As much as possible, we also want to have a good showing this split, so that the university could acknowledge that there are talented individuals in the DLSU gaming community that have a future in esports.

Golden Eagles

University of San Agustin

The San Agustin Golden Eagle (SAGE) Esports Organization prides itself as an up and coming organization that represents the numerous and ever-growing community of gamers within the University of San Agustin - Iloilo (USA). SAGE's vision is to connect the students to the esports lifestyle; enhancing their skills in various videogames and knowledge in broadcast, design and events management hoping to ultimately compete in national and international competitions.

MGS Spades

Mapua University

The Mapua Mages are the official esports team of the Mapua University Gaming Society. A team of engineering and media students, the organization looks to prove themselves through their solid work ethic and camaraderie in all the competitions they participate in.


Malayan Colleges Laguna

Back in 2016 the Malayan Warlocks League of Legends team became the first Esports Varsity team in MCL during the time of the Lol Collegiate League. Soon after, one of the pioneer Collegiate Esports Organizations in the Philippines, the Malayan Esports Club was established, and since then the community has grown and has even introduced several titles such as Hearthstone, Tekken7 and Mobile Legends.

The organization and its members are expected to promote responsible gaming, and to become responsible members of the society and community, through school outreach activities and hosting tournaments for charity like Esports for a cause. MESC provides a place wherein Esports enthusiast can come together and share their ideas, and even hone their skills when given the opportunity.

In short, the Malayan Esports Club and Malayan Warlocks is here to gather passionate people and showcase their talents for Esports, We make magic happen.

*wish wish woosh*


Far Eastern University - IT

The FEU Tech iTamaraws Esports was established in 2017 when the collegiate scene is on its peak and it's one of the well known teams around Metro Manila Universities.

The iTamaraw culture gives opportunities to those students who have a passion to pursue an Esports career with the support from the FEU Tech Organization. Our cultural norms are simple, we value a good attitude and respect. 

Our goal is not being called the best collegiate team, but to help those students to be the best of what they are capable of. Aspire more organization from different universities to step up and take the lead for their respective schools. We leave some legacy, we are sure we could be proud of.

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